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    What are you smoking?

    kizzy I feel like a broken record, same meds but just can't get enough. More Kangaroo Jack while enjoying the Racefuel dabs. Cheers
    2015-09-02 12:43:10 UTC
    Blue smokin good1 this blackberry og is a1
    2015-09-02 11:55:18 UTC
    kizzy A lil more Racefuel to get the engines revved up this morning. Have a wonderful day mappers
    2015-09-02 11:43:39 UTC
    orland castro Obama kush
    2015-09-02 07:56:51 UTC
    Chynawhyte DJ Shorts mixed with Louie!!!!!
    2015-09-02 07:17:01 UTC
    Citizen Jane
    2015-09-02 06:24:09 UTC
    Citizen Jane This'uns for the moderator. Moderate in moderation.
    2015-09-02 06:21:03 UTC
    Citizen Jane And to all a goodnight!
    2015-09-02 06:17:31 UTC
    Citizen Jane Sigh, nothing but willpower. Take a toke for me please!
    2015-09-02 06:14:12 UTC
    curiousgjlo 1
    2015-09-02 05:58:48 UTC
    curiousgjlo Girl Scout Cookies from UNSEEN GREEN - Downey
    2015-09-02 05:57:39 UTC
    Ninjagoblinsahntah Lavender and Tahoe OG x OG Silverback
    2015-09-02 05:29:02 UTC
    mmollzz Thin Mints flower and a Yoda OG oil cartridge from Jetty. Good medicine, much needed. What's up, my friends? Puffing, passing...
    2015-09-02 05:14:04 UTC
    que_me_vez818 cannabis community og...
    2015-09-02 05:12:58 UTC
    JustJoeKing i am currently smoking Chong Star. very tasty...
    2015-09-02 05:00:09 UTC
    Esantana73 Kosher Kush Dream.
    2015-09-02 04:54:40 UTC
    Royota Rilla yumbolt covered chalice cup winner cbd tha honey badger
    2015-09-02 04:45:28 UTC
    RaynMan206 A phatty KO dab of dat sweet BHO.
    2015-09-02 04:23:25 UTC
    Lestat0311 Tangerine on the Bubbler, getting ready to watch Madmax on Blue with My loving Wife. Carpe Noctem
    2015-09-02 04:20:44 UTC
    Highclam Smoking some Curch! for the full review of how it was please check it out here:
    2015-09-02 04:01:36 UTC


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