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    What are you smoking?

    dayyzzer78 LAC is loaded in my 1g bowl right now. toke toke toke it up. good stuff I'd pay for more of LAC. dank!!!
    2015-04-02 09:44:16 UTC
    Mars94 Stopped smoking for about a week, man, that first blunt had my entire face/body warm & tingly and grabbed me by the balls. x)
    2015-04-02 07:13:06 UTC
    Mars94 Rare greetings! Beach Center's exclusive Lava OG was great! Stay lifted budds, sorry for disappearing again. No WiFi, lol
    2015-04-02 07:01:25 UTC
    Justusbleu31 CBD
    2015-04-02 07:00:09 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hey juana82....Since you are cheap and seek free advertising, I bestow upon you the SPONGE Award. You earned it, now eat it!
    2015-04-02 04:45:51 UTC
    juana82 we deal with real and natural WEEDS
    2015-04-02 04:21:04 UTC
    juana82 Hawaii-Skunk, Hindu Kush, Super Silver Haze OG Kush Super Skunk, AK 47, Blueberry, white widow at
    2015-04-02 03:37:19 UTC
    valleyguy88 Jack Frost tonight
    2015-04-02 03:27:34 UTC
    juana82 hello! get your marijuana. delivery is done discretely an in less 3hour.
    2015-04-02 03:26:48 UTC
    nickydaze U2, white fire and royal og wax on that C2 custom. Currently watching the omen, life ain't so bad..
    2015-04-02 02:43:30 UTC
    MADD MAXX Down to the last bowl of this Widow OG. Magic Mike has been pinching from it daily....
    2015-04-02 02:32:56 UTC
    O.G.Snob My Favorite Animal Cookies Lab tested Crumble 74.7% thc... So far this is the best I've had and they are ALL good from Px
    2015-04-02 02:06:48 UTC
    cvtokes Some festive old school Columbian gold. Guaranteed nothing better
    2015-04-02 01:57:39 UTC
    celtglen Tangerine Dream. Smooth smoke with a good high and sweet dreams!
    2015-04-02 01:52:46 UTC
    noyzmaker bruce banner #3
    2015-04-02 01:19:34 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Antimatter nuglets this evening... 2nd wind is arriving for me... Cheers Mappers!
    2015-04-02 01:02:34 UTC
    CoeusPrime Massive blasts of Thin Mints off of the Widow-maker, cheersing Raynmans new glass!
    2015-04-02 00:49:24 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey folks, just having some 4:20 hash on Cherry Pie while molesting the dead. Massive coolness, mon...
    2015-04-01 23:44:52 UTC
    stonerrbarbie Not smoking yet...!
    2015-04-01 23:43:31 UTC
    FattFang Shark Shock from January to ease the healing pain
    2015-04-01 23:32:12 UTC


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