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    killuminati749 Platinum Cush from Cannabis Connection. I'm going to recommend this place they just opened up their shop on 3rd ave in chula vista
    2015-03-05 08:30:38 UTC
    RaynMan206 A nice bowl of this Raspberry Kush before bed… Along w/a few eps. of Prisoner: Cell Block H. ;P
    2015-03-05 07:52:02 UTC
    mrcruz23 rolled up a nice blunt full of Grandma Kush and OG Kief lol nite mappers
    2015-03-05 07:51:39 UTC
    Mars94 Cheers all! Just picked up 3 grams of Blue Dream for 20. I'm back around to sativas. ;] Pics in the morning, on my PS4 now.
    2015-03-05 07:13:48 UTC
    MADD MAXX A bowl of Larry OG. Grown and cured to perfection by the brothers down the street....
    2015-03-05 06:48:11 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Underdog OG Kush from Loompa Farms through a Sour piece gifted to me from Sour & the Nug Life Radio Show! Much love!
    2015-03-05 06:01:24 UTC
    mmollzz Red OG from the Little Red Dude's planet. Man, these guys like to get upside down! Let's join 'em. Puffing, puffing . . . Pass!
    2015-03-05 05:40:23 UTC
    Seanbro The Hulk OG overall pretty dank strain
    2015-03-05 05:20:15 UTC
    The Mick Grand Daddy Purple. Yummy Dankness!
    2015-03-05 04:33:34 UTC
    joeyblunted LA OG THAT FLIGHT
    2015-03-05 04:32:55 UTC
    DeepSpace About to try a joint of Flo for the first time...then think about sleepytime...
    2015-03-05 04:21:51 UTC
    DJCashed Durban Poison. This pheno won the cannabis cup for Denver Relief.
    2015-03-05 03:57:54 UTC
    MADD MAXX Had lunch and a blaze sesh with JanetPlanet this afternoon. Bowls 'n jays of Querkle, NYC Diesel, and Banana Kush :-}/
    2015-03-05 03:32:34 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Citizen Jane: more Cherry Pie..
    2015-03-05 03:25:52 UTC
    blaxican wonder Master Yoda OG joints on that Wiz Khalifa!
    2015-03-05 03:22:45 UTC
    rhb_1968 first time hitting the wax,,,,, DANG!!!
    2015-03-05 03:22:50 UTC
    Citizen Jane Afgoo in the vape.
    2015-03-05 03:17:11 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Evening Mappers! Relaxing with some Lady Di tonight. Hope everyone is well!
    2015-03-05 03:09:37 UTC
    RedwoodHippie this miracle plant gives me 5 medical benefits how bout you ?
    2015-03-05 02:43:27 UTC
    valleyguy88 Deadhead OG in the vape
    2015-03-05 02:41:26 UTC


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