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    What are you smoking?

    Fn-Fnc Cherry Pie. Smells like coffee!
    2015-03-03 17:43:11 UTC
    mmboutwest2015 Super Blue Dream
    2015-03-03 17:36:37 UTC
    bobaloo Some ATF on this beautiful sunny morning in sf bay area...hope your day is a great one, mappers!!!
    2015-03-03 17:31:45 UTC
    Nickatnight Rosebud for my after lunch joint, paper greased with BHO, need some sunshine :) cheers!
    2015-03-03 17:23:03 UTC
    FattFang Purple Candy and a latte...sign says it all
    2015-03-03 17:18:21 UTC
    lettucesmoke Alaskan thunder fucker........bomb --_--
    2015-03-03 17:17:06 UTC
    JdiddyDaddy2015 Yorba Linda safe access has that Delta 9 new vape cartridge anyone try it line taste like vanilla og
    2015-03-03 17:11:45 UTC
    blazenfire420 is smoking on some diamond og ;) G-eah! :D
    2015-03-03 17:04:22 UTC
    Emanuele Ferrara does anyone know were can i find some amnesia lemon? i have been looking for it but i cant find it.
    2015-03-03 16:57:56 UTC
    Nickatnight Having a bowl of Keif to round out the morning. Ice storm outside, roads impassable, can't even see out of the windows of my house. :(
    2015-03-03 16:25:48 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning mappers! Having an Afghani Wax sandwich for bfast (wax and Afghani in pipe)...
    2015-03-03 16:05:22 UTC
    tokinwhiteguy Got my Robot loading up the Little Red Wagon with Querkle chunks, now.
    2015-03-03 16:02:52 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Antimatter shatter dabs... Happy Tuesday Mappers!
    2015-03-03 16:00:27 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Good Morning Everyone! A wet hello from Strong Coffee and some Blueberry Kush. Going to be a god day!
    2015-03-03 14:39:25 UTC
    kizzy And some Super Killer Klown dabs from a fellow patient (Pennywise (harlequin x Jack the ripper) x ak 47).Cheers
    2015-03-03 14:31:28 UTC
    kizzy A bowl of Blueberry Yum Yum from Green Goddess
    2015-03-03 14:22:33 UTC
    kizzy A dab of GDP from Gold Thumb Farms
    2015-03-03 14:20:52 UTC
    weedshop4200 Cheers!Marijuana for all come and have fun free delivery. Cheers!
    2015-03-03 13:55:39 UTC
    Nickatnight Hash Keif and coffee this morning, Cheers!
    2015-03-03 13:28:53 UTC
    Hippytazr Triple Kush Wax!!!!
    2015-03-03 12:21:06 UTC


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