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    What are you smoking?

    Flashback Homegrown Ghost OG. Have a great Tuesday folks!
    2015-04-28 17:49:02 UTC
    RonnieGVRDXNS Hawaiian Kush Got Me Goin' This Mornin'.. These Flowers Got Hella Flav!!
    2015-04-28 17:28:10 UTC
    Rebel1223 got a strawberry swiss with that spaceghost og
    2015-04-28 17:08:21 UTC
    Ragnar_the_smoker Morning everyone, puffing on some Sour Og while waiting for SWtoR to finish updating, but I am in noooo rush, though hate to smoke alone.
    2015-04-28 16:35:29 UTC
    FattFang White Widow and coffee on a sunny morning...hope to feel better today
    2015-04-28 16:17:02 UTC
    ajhaley88 Im coming from texas on the 21st of may.
    2015-04-28 15:38:01 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Harlequin for my pain issues... Good Morning Mappers!
    2015-04-28 15:16:32 UTC
    Israfel tangie
    2015-04-28 14:13:24 UTC
    janetplanet Good morning all! Nothing appt. this morning. White Widow when I return!
    2015-04-28 14:03:01 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Mappers! Time to start the clouds in Las Vegas! Happy Tuesday with a glass blunt of Sweet Tooth! Google: update me.
    2015-04-28 13:55:07 UTC
    Ragnar_the_smoker sad that there is no mote oil relieved to have the last of a really good batch of WiFi OG perfect for that morning batch of nasuea!
    2015-04-28 11:40:54 UTC
    Citizen Jane Daaangggg Weedmaps TV be balder than an eagle. Those two dudes look like my balls after I shave them!
    2015-04-28 10:05:47 UTC
    Citizen Jane USA USA USA!
    2015-04-28 09:50:11 UTC
    Citizen Jane Finally got unstuck with some Glue.
    2015-04-28 09:42:10 UTC
    cocobadd12 An Extendo Clip of Sunset Sherbet. . . So Sweet and Fruity. Happy Smoking!
    2015-04-28 05:20:44 UTC
    okpkpkp Heavy Indica (20% sativa 80% Indica) named Mars OG. Love the heavy Indies.
    2015-04-28 04:39:10 UTC
    MADD MAXX Loaded up Gandalf with a sample of GSC. Hope are a having a good evening....
    2015-04-28 03:53:41 UTC
    mmollzz Platinum Cookies. Not making much sense due to meds on board. But I'm thinking about you all, stay lifted folks! xo/m
    2015-04-28 03:28:37 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Harlequin dabs... followed by heavy THC puffs! Love the mix! 7 -ish day MO JO in the pic!
    2015-04-28 02:27:56 UTC
    Citizen Jane Just some of that mind-altering drug Caffeine. Too hungry and crabby to vape right now...
    2015-04-28 01:12:17 UTC


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