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    RedwoodHippie wife had her teeth removed and they gave her oxicotton(opiates) and weed has helped more plus its healthier #MiraclePlant
    2015-03-03 00:33:43 UTC
    hotbiz I'm trying to get 100K signatures in 30 days for this petition for a medical marijuana dispensary owner.
    2015-03-03 00:14:46 UTC
    CoeusPrime Going to be walking Jiraiya at 4:20 so here is one of the probable Thin Mint buds I will be hitting on the MFLB...
    2015-03-03 00:01:57 UTC
    Nickatnight If you liked the pipe mmollzz, check out this cane, made from an Afghan Kush plant. It's storng enough to support all my weight.
    2015-03-02 23:46:31 UTC
    MADD MAXX Farewell Mr.Spock as you go beyond....
    2015-03-02 23:33:35 UTC
    RedwoodHippie Feels good to be back haha Iknow yall missed me ! breaking out the Skywalker to celebrate being back
    2015-03-02 23:30:34 UTC
    docdawson2 og kush
    2015-03-02 23:21:38 UTC
    docdawson2 og kush
    2015-03-02 23:21:35 UTC
    MADD MAXX A controlled burn in Gandalf of Larry OG....
    2015-03-02 23:09:51 UTC
    SirNugAlot OG Kush. Hope all is well. Cheers!
    2015-03-02 23:06:16 UTC
    Lady Kush020 hella bowls of sweet tart in the zob to get thru monday.....puff puff pass
    2015-03-02 23:06:18 UTC
    SirNugAlot The White '91.
    2015-03-02 23:04:25 UTC
    llucky7 Agent Orange Shatter through Billa, the bong.
    2015-03-02 23:03:40 UTC
    mmollzz Hawaiian Gold with Sour D. Kief on top. Tis a good day to have our home back. Belated happy bday to Legal, and love to all! xo/m
    2015-03-02 23:00:06 UTC
    CoeusPrime Time for the mid-afternoon stretch with a li'l sumthin sumthin from the garden...I heard it like healthier and stuff.
    2015-03-02 22:43:12 UTC
    Nickatnight Having a bowl of kieff and wishin' it was spring! Cheers mappers!!
    2015-03-02 22:41:15 UTC
    Fn-Fnc ^__^
    2015-03-02 22:20:27 UTC
    Killyourego Sunset Sherbet & Wedding Cake
    2015-03-02 22:07:15 UTC
    Esantana73 Platinum Bubba Kush Shatter glass.
    2015-03-02 21:13:40 UTC
    bobaloo Some HG Sweet Tooth in honor of Legal's birthday yesterday, belated Happy Birthday, buddy!!!! Hope all are having a great day!
    2015-03-02 20:16:49 UTC


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