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    What are you smoking?

    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Hadda get up before the ladies this morning and work so hitting my hg hash and Cherry Pie out of MFLB on this dawn...
    2015-04-01 13:41:34 UTC
    BlndMJfun Presidential Kush and some Tiger's Milk and a cup of hot java to start this hump day... only 2 more days till the weekend....
    2015-04-01 11:03:48 UTC
    mrcruz23 Blue Widow, Snoop's Purple Master, 8 Ball Kush & OG Kush all in one white owl lol watermelon flavor
    2015-04-01 06:22:19 UTC
    Spotnitty Sour Diesel shatter
    2015-04-01 03:05:37 UTC
    kizzy A lil bit of this dipped in a lil bit of that. Stay lifted mappers
    2015-04-01 03:04:26 UTC
    valleyguy88 About to fire up some Durban Poison
    2015-04-01 02:53:58 UTC
    koda furlong weed salad ;3
    2015-04-01 02:44:33 UTC
    thinmint88 smoking on some good purple frost!!! super fire
    2015-04-01 01:55:32 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Mind is resting! Forest Fire topped with Antimatter kief! Hope all are pain free, and happy!
    2015-04-01 01:32:56 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD ...last of the Forest Fire... Thank Gosh I do not live in the "fire hazard zone" anymore! Cheers Map Heads!
    2015-04-01 01:21:01 UTC
    beatsboy56157 that dead head og
    2015-04-01 01:09:39 UTC
    aCreativeBoi XJ 13 and some Diablo. What dreams are made of.
    2015-04-01 00:50:12 UTC
    MADD MAXX Broke off a bit of this Desert Dream for a dube. Shaggy's now taking the bud to JanetPlanet....if he don't blaze it all first.
    2015-04-01 00:41:37 UTC
    janetplanet This is for Madd Maxx!!! Alert!!!! Alert!!!! Gorilla Glue #4 has been found in the High Desert Area.....go to your PM MM!
    2015-04-01 00:15:08 UTC
    CoeusPrime Having some Bubba Kush Pre98 (as in, Pre-approved by The One) for 4:20. Have a good one gang!
    2015-03-31 23:29:00 UTC
    purpleperson Just wanted to also say, Green Goddess Delivery is awesome! They were so nice, : ) & meds were even weighed a bit over!
    2015-03-31 23:03:36 UTC
    purpleperson I got a 1st time, delivery byGreen Goddess last week of Space Queen & Durban Poison. I, am for sure, a return client! : )
    2015-03-31 23:00:19 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 my pics don't seem to work on my phone. hmmm....
    2015-03-31 22:45:55 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 I'm digging these recycler ashcatchers. my glass is cleaner and hits are flavorful. putting the dabber down and grabbing the Bic today
    2015-03-31 22:44:29 UTC
    Nickatnight Tiger Paw two or three weeks too go until harvest, waiting for the Con. Cheese to dry.
    2015-03-31 22:32:36 UTC


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