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    What are you smoking?

    MR.MORRISON I happen to be "Dreamin' Blue" so far today. So far...
    2015-05-03 18:59:54 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Starting the afternoon every bit as mellow as Boozer the Wunderpup!
    2015-05-03 18:50:11 UTC
    janetplanet Soco Cookies (BTY OG Kush x Forum GSC) Going back to bed now......
    2015-05-03 18:36:20 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Hash Church & NASCAR! & dabs of Harlequin x Antimatter Cheers Mappers, Hope all are well :)
    2015-05-03 18:32:03 UTC
    mrcruz23 bowls of White Fire cheers mappers! Juicy J feat. Lord Infamous "Smoke Dat Weed"
    2015-05-03 18:16:29 UTC
    ositolokito pineapple express great flavor need to wake up
    2015-05-03 18:06:50 UTC
    Esantana73 After Life OG. 70/30 Indica Dominant (Ghostrider OG x Starfighter F2)
    2015-05-03 17:50:20 UTC
    420faded Some Private Reserve OG. Haven't had this particular strain in a long time, (Bomb btw) Thx. APS Wake & Bake everybody :)
    2015-05-03 17:40:02 UTC
    CoeusPrime Special message for all of our online420delivery fans out there..
    2015-05-03 17:04:59 UTC
    airjordanc jetfuel og
    2015-05-03 16:56:34 UTC
    The Mick A large Purple salad bowl. GDP and BlackBerry O.G. It's good to be a fine Sunday.
    2015-05-03 16:29:46 UTC
    Mars94 FlyLo
    2015-05-03 16:25:08 UTC
    Mars94 Rolling up the Santa Cruz GSC. Morning budds, Mayweather fight was exactly as expected. -_-
    2015-05-03 16:23:44 UTC
    Flashback Hash Church XXXII - Live, starts at 9:00 PDT -
    2015-05-03 15:39:58 UTC
    pitchbendc9 Resin hits from mid grade; it should be a mentally foggy but fun day.
    2015-05-03 15:15:05 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Kids! Starting Sunday with more Cheese Quake. Lets get these spammers reported so we can get on with W&B.
    2015-05-03 14:44:20 UTC
    mmollzz Love to my WeedPeeps but these spammers are harshing my high CBD buzz from container C. Double blind studies continue.
    2015-05-03 14:30:59 UTC
    Flashback Morning folks. Cinderella 99 and homegrown Antimatter on a quiet Sunday morning. Looks like it's gonna be a nice day. Cheers!
    2015-05-03 14:03:39 UTC
    kizzy Some Girl Scout Cookies to start a wonderful morning off properly, cheers
    2015-05-03 12:48:50 UTC
    4theloveofbud triple c collective still delivers. call em up and get the burn on lol
    2015-05-03 05:14:12 UTC


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