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    What are you smoking?

    dubzz95 A fat bowl of J1 & Lemon candy with my water bottle #Happy Sunday
    2015-08-02 18:17:57 UTC
    James Biggs Asian Fantasy - The best smoke ever
    2015-08-02 17:30:59 UTC
    FattFang Nothing until work is complete...maybe mix of different buds this afternoon
    2015-08-02 17:24:55 UTC
    BlndMJfun Salad bowl of Tigers Milk, Bear Dance, Sour Joker, and some chem91. Woot!! Love those salads... Happy Sunday.
    2015-08-02 16:37:22 UTC
    kizzy Tropical Haze Dabs enjoying a lazy day, cheers
    2015-08-02 16:24:41 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Happy Sunday folks! Looks like its going to rain. ~Sour Og dabs and Chemdawg on deck. ~Very grateful! Enjoy the day!
    2015-08-02 16:18:55 UTC
    Danbridge A salad of GDP and GSC. Have a nice weekend folks!!
    2015-08-02 15:24:19 UTC
    CoeusPrime A little Mojo in about week 3 or so of flower....
    2015-08-02 14:52:18 UTC
    highcountrygal Hello! to all. My beloved n@n coffee and a bowl of Holy Grail, it is Sunday isn't it? Enjoy this fine day. Stay medicated y'all.
    2015-08-02 14:21:49 UTC
    mmollzz Super Silver Haze - we should do something with it. And some SVG OG with Mad Monkey Swinging Bold coffee in da Jedi cup xo/m
    2015-08-02 14:10:10 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Taking in this NYC Diesel x G-13 OG mix and letting out clouds in the Vegas 'burbs today...
    2015-08-02 14:00:41 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Dabs before Sun Rise!! Cheers Mappers (happy 420 am - ish :)
    2015-08-02 11:33:19 UTC
    hollywolly420 Goji OG wax dabs with the hubby!
    2015-08-02 10:32:05 UTC
    BlndMJfun Top of the morning to ya'all. GG#4 in the bowl and a could GG#4 dabs as well. It's a GG day. :) Peace all.
    2015-08-02 10:30:44 UTC
    mrcruz23 original pic for the J1 and Blue Cookies blunt.....cheers zzzzzz
    2015-08-02 09:23:12 UTC
    mrcruz23 J1 x Blue Cookies bleezy with the wifey before zzzzzzzz hehe
    2015-08-02 09:21:12 UTC
    kushkween75 Gucci .......super yummy ...
    2015-08-02 09:10:34 UTC
    jimmy diamond and some derpsa king luis cake batter
    2015-08-02 07:50:31 UTC
    Justin SanDiego TGA's 9 Pound Hammer (GooBerry x Hell's OG x Jack the Ripper) from New Cannabis Republic
    2015-08-02 07:29:31 UTC
    Justin SanDiego SOL Selects/Original Nectar Inc. TriXXX OG Kush Solventless Oil Tested at 90%+ Δ9 THC Natural Fruit Terpenes added.
    2015-08-02 07:27:40 UTC


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