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    What are you smoking?

    ESPotheadLakerGirl Banana Kush & Girl Scout
    2014-04-19 21:48:03 UTC
    Jessyogearl Purple ship wreck
    2014-04-19 21:46:37 UTC
    Citizen Jane Aaaaaah!!!!!!!
    2014-04-19 20:59:09 UTC
    Citizen Jane LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
    2014-04-19 20:58:32 UTC
    Citizen Jane dabblers of the lemons. Cooking a buffalo chicken pizza nomnomnom
    2014-04-19 20:51:40 UTC
    IAtomskI smoking on that private reserve Larrys O.G @240 OZ!! THANKS studio city caregivers!!!! ^_^ SCC is for ME¡
    2014-04-19 20:50:46 UTC
    mang Pure OG and MK Ultra !! Dank !!
    2014-04-19 20:50:12 UTC
    jimmy diamond what shops have the 4/20 comeups in LA county that I should not miss?
    2014-04-19 20:45:54 UTC
    jimmy diamond where the parties? Not big events like hempcon. what shops are poppin? hmu here or on insta jimmydiamond420
    2014-04-19 20:44:43 UTC
    StonerChick504 The Ganja Mann (420) On Easter .Happy Stoner Saturday
    2014-04-19 20:29:26 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD Weed???? Lol
    2014-04-19 20:23:17 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD East Coast Sour Diesel
    2014-04-19 20:20:58 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD Today's special East Coast Sour Diesel
    2014-04-19 20:19:23 UTC
    shannonf714 Guess what im smoking?
    2014-04-19 19:57:03 UTC
    nativepulp DJ Short's Cannabis Cup Winner Blueberry OG///Check out GTW this is some quality ass flower
    2014-04-19 19:43:06 UTC
    mrpakalolo Bowl of Central Remedies Og with some VHC Bomb OG CO2 on top.
    2014-04-19 19:34:31 UTC
    Johnnathon83 Happy 420 weedmapers stay safe
    2014-04-19 19:24:56 UTC
    BE L Today Fire Og & Thin Mint Cookies from Patient Outreach Therapies
    2014-04-19 19:24:49 UTC
    LadyDi54 Head Band...all day!!!
    2014-04-19 19:15:47 UTC
    Jdmls BTY XXX OG
    2014-04-19 18:35:43 UTC


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