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    What are you smoking?

    rekarb1 Hmm which one to smoke? Decisions, decisions....Pineapple Diesel or 8-Ball Kush. Oh well, why not both. Both beautiful and work great.
    2014-04-18 20:40:10 UTC
    Citizen Jane Bossanova Haze budders. Yum!
    2014-04-18 20:30:19 UTC
    pacal420 Instadab sour king shatter
    2014-04-18 20:10:35 UTC
    dcc805 / just went cannibus care givers or my renewal 4622 Arlington ave in river side awesome dr very friendly staff I highly recamend
    2014-04-18 20:04:59 UTC
    pacal420 TGIF!!! devils cut OG 2 kick off this 420 weekend!!
    2014-04-18 19:50:04 UTC
    FattFang Some classic white widow....yesssssssss! Thanks Phytologie....skoal!
    2014-04-18 19:42:43 UTC
    Jesseringside7 just reggie cuz I'm not as rich as some of the fuckers in here. -.-'
    2014-04-18 19:37:04 UTC
    diane1013 Bomb @ in time ! Canoga park on saticoy and canoga. Jack herer
    2014-04-18 19:36:35 UTC
    diane1013 Bomb @ in time ! Canoga park on saticoy and canoga. Jack herer
    2014-04-18 19:36:33 UTC
    Citizen Jane skunk = + !
    2014-04-18 19:33:46 UTC
    diane1013 Jack herer @in time #bestshop
    2014-04-18 19:27:42 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD ~~~ White Lighting ~~~
    2014-04-18 19:24:32 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD ~~~ White Lightning ~~~
    2014-04-18 19:22:22 UTC
    christopherpas Grand Cass meds has dank j's, clean place.
    2014-04-18 19:14:19 UTC
    AndrewFTB Wake and bake with some LA Confidential, Platinum Master, and God's Gift
    2014-04-18 19:03:42 UTC
    christopherpas Thank you Cat! At grand Cass meds bogo look good I'll be in later today:)
    2014-04-18 19:02:47 UTC
    christopherpas Cat was most helpful Today at grand Cass meds. Bogo mix
    2014-04-18 19:01:15 UTC
    Dab4dayz Cheese quake shatter from emerald triangle
    2014-04-18 17:57:55 UTC
    Lumpializ Happy frieday! Tokes of Sputnik this morning 🍁
    2014-04-18 17:55:46 UTC
    jenni.cobb Bong hits of CheeseQuake
    2014-04-18 17:37:15 UTC


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