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    What are you smoking?

    Silver and Black 619 got some good flowers. weed...not roses or posies or daffodils. Friggin marijuana. It's called SAGE.
    2015-09-02 02:13:16 UTC
    surfzen Blunt of Purple Urkle.
    2015-09-02 01:52:06 UTC
    Justblaze323 Guerilla glue #4
    2015-09-02 01:23:11 UTC
    Justblaze323 Guerilla glue #4
    2015-09-02 01:23:10 UTC
    luppez bmo
    2015-09-02 01:21:14 UTC
    Mars94 The Wifi says hi. Have a great evening, cheers!
    2015-09-02 00:55:23 UTC
    JessLM0621 If there was a delivery service based here in Hilmar I would be smoking right now. But, there isn't, so I'm not.
    2015-09-02 00:31:18 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~GG#4 IN de pipe~ ~Blue dreams in de oil rig~ ~Big smile on me face!~
    2015-09-02 00:21:50 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Blueberry Melonomenon dabs on deck... by Alpine Extracts = good stuff! Have a great night Mappers!
    2015-09-02 00:15:06 UTC
    BlndMJfun Bowl of Holy Grail this evening. Happy whatever day it is... :) Cheers.
    2015-09-02 00:05:49 UTC
    CoeusPrime Doing that Iranian Autoflower or as its known it its users, I am riding the DS express...
    2015-09-01 23:56:37 UTC
    CeeLow7 lmao @kizzy. F it I'll walk lol!
    2015-09-01 23:03:09 UTC
    CeeLow7 some bomb Shake
    2015-09-01 23:01:42 UTC
    Flashback Pure Kush OG. Got this as a bogo. Not bad!
    2015-09-01 22:47:39 UTC
    kizzy A better pic of the RaceFuel, lives up to its name, Dr is 12 miles away n I'm like "F it" I'll walk
    2015-09-01 22:34:32 UTC
    FattFang Big Bud x Northern Lights after the doctors appointment, then dinner of ????...maybe a Kiva bar after dinner
    2015-09-01 22:14:29 UTC
    kizzy and of course gotta include the cookies, then it's off to see the Doctor. Stay lifted mappers
    2015-09-01 21:50:25 UTC
    kizzy Afternoon dab sesh,starting with a new one to me called RaceFuel og-Lineage: "High Octane" OG x Face Off OG BX1. Cheers
    2015-09-01 21:47:11 UTC
    Lestat0311 Alien OG on the Tube, Immediate Suppression on MJ420 how copy, Over.
    2015-09-01 20:47:32 UTC
    CoeusPrime Just a little Mojo Carnage on a Tuesday...
    2015-09-01 20:39:24 UTC


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