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    What are you smoking?

    CoeusPrime Morning folks! Busy-assed morning ahead but time for a little cup and a little bowl of Sweet Tooth!
    2015-04-19 13:45:09 UTC
    kizzy A dab of Fat Girl Kus and an early morning walk, cheers everyone
    2015-04-19 11:39:28 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Just had a few bowls of TGA's "Quantum Kush" (Sweet Irish Kush x Timewreck) with kief on top. Good morning and Have happy, safe 4/20!
    2015-04-19 11:21:43 UTC
    BlndMJfun Tiger's Milk, Presidential Kush and a dab or 2 of Hawaiian secret agent. Happy Sunday mappers and enjoy the day
    2015-04-19 11:00:53 UTC
    lilkz sour D
    2015-04-19 10:25:10 UTC
    Eryday I'm Learnin' Rosin or SHO from Head's Dash of San Francisco! Oh Yeah!
    2015-04-19 08:22:58 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Nada. Drinking some juice mixed with The Remedy RSO syrup by @dngmedicated Tasty stuff. 4 ounces = 1000mg (250 per oz.)
    2015-04-19 08:17:35 UTC
    Honest*G That eureka sour diesel sativa cartridge after gobbling that cheese chew green hornet
    2015-04-19 07:11:14 UTC
    fruitcakepat scareface
    2015-04-19 06:10:50 UTC
    smokiibears42o Candyland :P~ ~ ~
    2015-04-19 04:13:54 UTC
    MR.MORRISON CP's homemade Cherry Pie. Solid inhale, a sweet cherry exhale. Smack behind the eyes onto shoulder and total body melt. Thanks my man.
    2015-04-19 03:38:38 UTC
    MADD MAXX Enjoying my evening with a Widow (OG)....
    2015-04-19 03:14:25 UTC
    framer13 Critical Hog
    2015-04-19 03:02:02 UTC
    CoeusPrime Signing out to watch movies and dab but wanted to leave you with this. The more you look the more you see...g'night friends!
    2015-04-19 01:14:41 UTC
    slimnet Just choking on moon rock/with royal kush
    2015-04-19 01:06:45 UTC
    RaynMan206 Sippin' on some a lil somethin'
    2015-04-19 00:54:26 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 PR Platinum Cookies. enjoying dis SurCali weather
    2015-04-19 00:50:18 UTC
    Flashback Tom Russell - "California Snow" -
    2015-04-19 00:46:25 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Maxx; they have excursions (you can also set one on fire inside the store but I didn't want to waste the buck)..
    2015-04-19 00:47:24 UTC
    Lady Kush020 everything.....@ hempcon sf
    2015-04-19 00:44:26 UTC


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