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    What are you smoking?

    Tony-Wan Kenobi Partaking in a lovely batch of Jack Herer here in sunny Hollywood, California. Gotta love a juicy sativa.
    2015-02-26 23:11:50 UTC
    Starllo PRE-98 BUBBA
    2015-02-26 22:32:05 UTC
    BlndMJfun Blazing some Rocky Mountain Fire on this snowy day. Be high my friends.
    2015-02-26 22:13:21 UTC
    mmollzz What happens when you mix a little Monster OG with Beast Mode OG? I don't know, but after I smoke up this j, we shall see! :)
    2015-02-26 21:14:21 UTC
    inglewoodgreen just put away some chili-cheese garlic fries.. soooo gud! time for a bit more Royal Mamba OG and a Shocktop
    2015-02-26 20:56:40 UTC
    TEHenson81 Love working from home!!! Dabbin' some Tahoe O.G. from Greek Meds!!!
    2015-02-26 20:48:37 UTC
    MicAndTheFatChick GDP from Elevate Wellness.
    2015-02-26 20:44:24 UTC
    NetGuruINC Tangerine Haze from Altitude Wellness in Denver, nice euphoric effect no couch lock, lovin it
    2015-02-26 20:41:34 UTC
    cinephile85 King's Bread deliciousness
    2015-02-26 19:59:59 UTC
    Lady Kush020 SD, then some spicy calimari, garlic fries and a honey dew snow bubble drink from tapioca express! Puff puff pass homies!
    2015-02-26 19:40:01 UTC
    inglewoodgreen Yoda OG with my lil buddy
    2015-02-26 19:10:20 UTC
    inglewoodgreen Yoda OG with my lil buddy
    2015-02-26 19:09:04 UTC
    swan68 Playing Left4Dead2 Versus mode with a bowl of Skywalker and Girl Scout Cookies before I go to school. Hope everyone has a fantastic day
    2015-02-26 18:57:49 UTC
    FattFang Gonna skate into the weekend and have a jolly good time! White Widow should help...a lot
    2015-02-26 17:47:23 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 Looking at a recycler ash catcher online. dabbing some Nice Guy and making waffles with medicated PB
    2015-02-26 17:42:28 UTC
    TEHenson81 Afghan kush from S.C.C.G.
    2015-02-26 17:26:51 UTC
    melanie42069 farmer Joe peace oil...
    2015-02-26 16:58:29 UTC
    FattFang Purple Candy, coffee and carried away with pre-birthday celebrations..High in the sky!
    2015-02-26 16:48:26 UTC
    janetplanet UPDATE: Mars94 is fine, his laptop dieing is why he hasn't been on for so long. He will return as soon as he gets new laptop!
    2015-02-26 16:32:53 UTC
    CoeusPrime Greets to the morning crew! They say icing your back is good for pain so I am having iced Kryptonite for pain-med bfast...
    2015-02-26 15:57:34 UTC


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