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    What are you smoking?

    Citizen Jane sour chiesel !
    2014-04-24 18:52:44 UTC
    ganjagodess Chronic on the left...Tahoe on the right.
    2014-04-24 18:48:57 UTC
    MADD MAXX Easing into the noontime hour with a bit of Banana Kush......
    2014-04-24 18:41:44 UTC
    SDGamer619 puffed a dab of green crack when 2 cops ring my doorbell. my neighbor was beat up and theyre investigating. cops all over my street! weird..
    2014-04-24 18:13:38 UTC
    EmceeB Organic Strawberry Kush from APC
    2014-04-24 17:27:27 UTC
    ganjagodess Who we gunna call? Call Canna! Craving some serious Tahoe OG and his amazing shatter!
    2014-04-24 17:13:35 UTC
    Flashback The last of my Romulan. Picture is next crop. Pre-98 Bubba Kush at 7 1/2 weeks bloom time. Only a week or 2 until harvest!
    2014-04-24 17:08:07 UTC
    FattFang Platinum OG for multiple POG
    2014-04-24 16:40:28 UTC
    MadLove Bubba OG. in the morning with our cup o' jo. handle the day.
    2014-04-24 16:38:57 UTC
    RaynMan206 Killer dabs w/a killer view! #staymedicated
    2014-04-24 16:36:54 UTC
    ThaGranddaddyPurp WnB Strawberry Diesel, coffee, and donuts / Happy Thursday Everyone
    2014-04-24 16:09:52 UTC
    ShawnJohn36 A.A. Caregivers on Pico has the best weed. You have to try the skywalker. The workers are also very polite.
    2014-04-24 15:59:15 UTC
    pacal420 Took the day off for low back pain, darn I need to medicate:) devils cut og bong loads William Wallace shatter dabs...
    2014-04-24 15:37:14 UTC
    OneHighCat Get'n hi on the Blue Cookies... The suns comming up, and all the graveyard people are heading to bed... Two more days til the weekend...
    2014-04-24 15:06:55 UTC
    10101101 G-13 Haze and a cup of tea:)
    2014-04-24 13:50:32 UTC
    SweetBubba20 smoking on the breakfast Pineapple chunk so clean and tasty..
    2014-04-24 13:39:27 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Tahoe OG bong hits this morning... Waking slowly, baked real quickly! Stay uP Everyone!
    2014-04-24 12:58:14 UTC
    brianbown A little lemon kush, yum.
    2014-04-24 12:45:25 UTC
    BlndMJfun Starting first day off in forever with Presidential Kush, then moving onto PK shatter!! High all
    2014-04-24 11:27:45 UTC
    ibbigd420 Lady Thin Mint's just drooped me off at the Couchlock Inn... Think I might stay for a while... ;)
    2014-04-24 09:03:10 UTC


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