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    What are you smoking?

    hreyes alpine oil sour skittlez
    2015-07-30 19:56:01 UTC
    mrcruz23 1st joint of the day....gorilla glue #4
    2015-07-30 19:23:14 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~W00000000T~ MAYHEM IN DE HOUSE! MM YOU ROCK!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    2015-07-30 18:46:58 UTC
    Israfel also picked up some ghost og for another day cheers
    2015-07-30 17:52:44 UTC
    Israfel Current situation : Paris Og
    2015-07-30 17:37:14 UTC
    MisterMORRISON NYC Diesel in the bubbler, French Roast coffee in the mug and an old Rolling Stone article for humor.
    2015-07-30 17:06:50 UTC
    TheMan13 Roll'n my Gluekle (GG4xQuerkle) today (pictured at day 58).
    2015-07-30 17:03:14 UTC
    mmollzz Finally, some B+ grade Jillybean and Super Silver Haze shatter (well, snap n' pull) which is quite good. Mood: Great! Pain: %^&*3
    2015-07-30 16:59:44 UTC
    CoeusPrime Chores done, Exorcists getting nice and fat. Tick, tick, tick. Still, working with this is a fantastic way to start the day.
    2015-07-30 16:51:21 UTC
    d-lynn g'morning buds.. not feeling well today, a bowl of GDP topped with some GDP hash, praying for a nap. have a great day!
    2015-07-30 16:11:13 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~GG#4~ Praising!
    2015-07-30 16:04:46 UTC
    J Marley hey yawl been chiffon at de cannabis cup 2015 B.L. Peace and love and praise Jah! some abusive og buddddddd take care friends.
    2015-07-30 15:18:55 UTC
    Flashback Good morning. Homegrown Ghost and Obama OG kief in the bowl. Have a great day folks!
    2015-07-30 15:13:22 UTC
    CPT Hobgobblin N Lights #5. Delayed fuse but when it sets in, nice comfortable indica stone without the lag.
    2015-07-30 15:03:00 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 "Panic mode" HATE going to the Cardiologist! Waking with Sour D. Baking with Sour OG dabs
    2015-07-30 15:01:34 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Kids~ Up with the mutt, doing the baking before fully waking with some NYC Diesel and now following the tao of the grow.
    2015-07-30 14:56:07 UTC
    highcountrygal A good cuppa joe and some Hulk to start my day. Morning all! Enjoy this nice day:)
    2015-07-30 13:47:56 UTC
    BlndMJfun Presidential Kush in the bowl (strange right?) and java in the cup before heading off to work. Happy Thursday mappers; Cheers!
    2015-07-30 12:44:37 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Phantom, vaping MED-USA shatter.
    2015-07-30 07:06:53 UTC
    sxy420mommy hi off that mayweather
    2015-07-30 05:51:29 UTC


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