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    What are you smoking?

    Mars94 Let's get these five hours of sleep in, good morning/good night/good afternoon!
    2014-04-16 09:14:46 UTC
    STEEZY_E I lost my medical info do I need that to pick up?
    2014-04-16 08:50:06 UTC
    ibbigd420 Hanging out with my old friend... Bubba "Mad Dog" Kush... He's from the four two oh... :-) and we just might be high...
    2014-04-16 08:49:24 UTC
    shannonf714 Little bit of love, green and tastee. Thank you for making my night wastee, wastee!
    2014-04-16 08:49:17 UTC
    Atlas22 That blue cheese ;)
    2014-04-16 08:29:15 UTC
    canndibis The Head Cheese
    2014-04-16 08:04:15 UTC
    Mr.park Black Russian and Platinum Master Kush from Outer Heaven! Fire!! Bout to KTFO!!!! night night!
    2014-04-16 07:21:41 UTC
    FattFang Platinum OG .....just awesome!
    2014-04-16 07:02:32 UTC
    hblack34242 Super Lemon Haze... goood shit!
    2014-04-16 06:49:35 UTC
    Ricogmoney Wax swirled bowl filled with GDP + torch = the Moon
    2014-04-16 05:38:02 UTC
    Astaxx17 I'm Smokin On Some J1 .
    2014-04-16 05:20:11 UTC
    Esantana73 :)/""""" """ "" " " "
    2014-04-16 05:18:56 UTC
    Esantana73 Skywalker OG. :)
    2014-04-16 05:17:50 UTC
    Citizen Jane Because you requested it... you know who you are! :)
    2014-04-16 05:03:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Purple Wreck... Super yummy flower! Cheers!
    2014-04-16 04:42:47 UTC
    Lady Kush020 THE ROCK OIL DAB...before I have it out with the SANDMAN tonite ZzzzZzzZZzzz
    2014-04-16 04:25:51 UTC
    janetplanet My favorite- Headband from MMEC West in Hesperia. Then I find out the driver who delivered use to play softball with my daughter! :)
    2014-04-16 04:19:57 UTC
    bodhicdc Hawaiian Mango
    2014-04-16 04:19:07 UTC
    Skull Bunny MCS's very own Headbanger OG....gee wiz, I'm gone...
    2014-04-16 04:12:50 UTC
    OGqualityoverquantity Private Reserve OG & RAW Cones for tonight
    2014-04-16 04:10:51 UTC


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