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    What are you smoking?

    barbonybuchon1922 PADRES OG wit a bit of DNA'S KOSHER KUSH.. CANT WAIT TO TRY THE ALPHA OG..
    2015-04-22 00:19:58 UTC
    BlndMJfun Some Brain OG & Ol Dirty Bastard.. what a combo for nighttime relief. :) Hope you all are doing well. Happy Two-fer-Tuesday!!!
    2015-04-21 23:44:24 UTC
    CoeusPrime Sorry I'm late, had to rush to put finishing touches on my passive-to-active reservoir conversion pounding HB for Molz!
    2015-04-21 23:35:13 UTC
    BlackBeri Alaskan Super Fuck mixed with Snow Wreck??
    2015-04-21 23:27:13 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Big Blasts for Mollzz Everyone!!
    2015-04-21 23:27:47 UTC
    Mr_reefer_69 got that Larry OG from Club 35 got that fire!
    2015-04-21 23:04:14 UTC
    TUC$toner Tucson needs more dispensaries
    2015-04-21 23:05:14 UTC
    Puff the non magical human White Triangle OG from lamedicaldelivery. Fucking insane!
    2015-04-21 22:45:36 UTC
    jimmy diamond How do we know whos higher?
    2015-04-21 22:34:21 UTC
    jimmy diamond Weed # if you havent seent it
    2015-04-21 22:27:08 UTC
    Citizen Jane OMG happy 421!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2015-04-21 22:25:29 UTC
    elhomiejb San Diego OG and Kosher Kush Top Shelf Have a chill one everyone.
    2015-04-21 21:41:31 UTC
    420livia The Legendary...
    2015-04-21 21:17:42 UTC
    FattFang Tina's GSC's & Jahgoo mixed in the bowl...Ice Ice Baby for the post physical therapy soreness and pain
    2015-04-21 20:33:07 UTC
    NiceVenice Moreno Valleys finest Candyland
    2015-04-21 20:23:04 UTC
    chrisjames818 Smoking on St. Andrews Green free420 blunt and it's dank!!! fire blunt
    2015-04-21 20:19:24 UTC
    highimlo smoking on halo rocks and thai tanic ! im littttt
    2015-04-21 19:31:43 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Hi Mappers! I just heard from Mollzz. She doped up hard on Rx's for pain, sends her regards!
    2015-04-21 19:26:31 UTC
    CoeusPrime Having a little hash and Sweet Tooth with Yoda before finishing my day...hope all are well out there.
    2015-04-21 18:53:01 UTC
    FattFang Must medicate before the painful physical therapy...Boonana will help
    2015-04-21 18:44:02 UTC


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