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    What are you smoking?

    mrcruz23 blunt full of top shelf shake before knocking out! haha! Kottonmouth Kings "Roll Us A Joint"
    2015-03-06 08:15:14 UTC
    TEHenson81 death star og from Greek meds!!!!
    2015-03-06 07:50:20 UTC
    TEHenson81 superman og from Greek meds!!!!
    2015-03-06 07:48:54 UTC
    Mars94 The Velvet Kush. I just used a phone to take a pic of the original picture on my phone, lol.
    2015-03-06 07:33:46 UTC
    missneek25 Private Reserve. So Clutch.
    2015-03-06 07:19:21 UTC
    Mars94 Rolled a king size organic RAW spliff of Blue Dream and Velvet Kush. Playing UFC and some South Park. Pics in the A.M. Peace!
    2015-03-06 06:53:14 UTC
    GoodForYourHealth CannaCruz's Lemon Alien Dawg Live Resin.. mini rig, them terps!
    2015-03-06 06:00:51 UTC
    MADD MAXX Sharing a little Red Dragon with the crew, says I. Puff, Puff, Pass. Savvy?
    2015-03-06 05:25:14 UTC
    QueenDabb og all day everydayyy
    2015-03-06 04:48:05 UTC
    Repsol Dabs and crumble....
    2015-03-06 04:46:35 UTC
    Vspoon87 Cali Kush burning good and got me feeling great.
    2015-03-06 04:26:01 UTC
    TannerM smokin on that afgan kush and dabbin that blueberry kush nugrun shoutout sccg
    2015-03-06 04:21:46 UTC
    llucky7 Qrazy Train wax. Tastes like shiite but I'm soaring
    2015-03-06 04:10:58 UTC
    Everpowerful E purple alien smooth
    2015-03-06 03:24:52 UTC
    FattFang Pineapple Kush, San Miguel beer, leftover birthday cake.....ummmm
    2015-03-06 02:48:20 UTC
    Lina_Rosa The last of this 'Galaxy', little bit of Liquid Sunshine C02 oil, & some 'Royal Purps' to close out the night :) Stay lifted, mappers.
    2015-03-06 02:01:20 UTC
    MADD MAXX LeGaL....Here's a similar but different image
    2015-03-06 01:57:47 UTC
    CoeusPrime Finally the piece to celebrate the harvest: double bubbler with optional oil rig top and quartz nail...this one has the GSC Thin Mints!
    2015-03-06 01:50:33 UTC
    Prettygang chulajvahaog
    2015-03-06 01:49:25 UTC
    Nickatnight Just sayin' Hey! burning a fatty of Afghan Kush and relaxing in the chair. Cheers everybody and enjoy the evening!
    2015-03-06 01:45:41 UTC


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