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    What are you smoking?

    Trav909ny pineapple express kure oil.. bomb
    2015-07-01 19:12:42 UTC Just finished some sweet OGP....Will surely make the storms today...not so bad., :-)
    2015-07-01 18:56:33 UTC
    JayeCash Smoking on some girl scout cookie wake and bake
    2015-07-01 18:54:08 UTC
    MADD MAXX For those who are hurting some warm hugs and strong healing vibes....
    2015-07-01 18:49:27 UTC
    CannaStrips420 CannaStrips High CBD! My back is killing me after the gym. 10 mg of CBD per strip! Happy Hump Day my WM peoples. Hang in there...
    2015-07-01 18:31:14 UTC
    Chain0fCommand smoking Spirit of 76. listening to z-ro. the meth album
    2015-07-01 18:12:41 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Gang! Just blasting through, back from DMV (pain), off to re-up the mmj card. Breaking in new glass, "Peter Lorre"
    2015-07-01 18:10:49 UTC
    Nickatnight Opening a new can of roaches, the old Dragon Bong is really gettin' a work out. Cheers!
    2015-07-01 18:06:53 UTC
    Papa Bones All about wellness - I don't feel the love. "They don't care about you" kinda vibe. reviewing now..
    2015-07-01 18:06:17 UTC
    Flashback Homegrown Ghost OG before to going in for an ultrasound. No eating for 8 hrs prior (bummer). Cheers folks!
    2015-07-01 17:22:13 UTC
    kantar92 Smoking on some Apple Jacks to start this beautiful day. ACC has the best weed here in the OC !
    2015-07-01 16:50:27 UTC
    Badmf gorilla glue organic can't be too careful, taste amazzzing
    2015-07-01 16:04:32 UTC
    FattFang The attempt by the City of Vallejo, CA to restructure how dispensaries operate has been halted! Yesssss!
    2015-07-01 16:01:24 UTC
    FattFang Super Sour Diesel, Peets coffee, eggs and taters...before it gets really hot this a.m. Enjoy your day today!
    2015-07-01 15:56:05 UTC
    bobaloo A sneaky toke of hash to ease the owies, have a super day, my lofty friends....
    2015-07-01 15:50:45 UTC
    Mars94 My cool glow in the dark real spider wristband thingy. ( Feel like a kid saying that. xD )
    2015-07-01 15:42:08 UTC
    Mars94 Rolling a blunt of the Firewalker OG before grocery shopping, hopefully I'll remember to get more than munchies.
    2015-07-01 15:38:34 UTC
    d-lynn strawberry haze this morning.. happy wednesday!
    2015-07-01 15:36:36 UTC
    Towa.310 BLACK MAMBA.!!!
    2015-07-01 15:31:36 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Red thunder in me bowl and a fine cup o folgers in me face!
    2015-07-01 15:20:24 UTC


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