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    What are you smoking?

    Esantana73 :)/""""" "" "" "
    2014-04-18 05:34:35 UTC
    4Bizzle20 never leaving Denver!!!
    2014-04-18 05:18:03 UTC
    4Bizzle20 lemon skunk!!!!
    2014-04-18 05:16:34 UTC
    inrammarni Smokin' a little Sunset Sherbert ;)
    2014-04-18 05:14:26 UTC
    Tastynugz Sour grapes shatter
    2014-04-18 04:40:40 UTC
    shannonf714 Hey all been a long day moving, just tryin to get by. Time to CHILL....
    2014-04-18 04:36:50 UTC
    CryptonicD Girl Scout Cookies! My Goodness.
    2014-04-18 04:17:05 UTC
    skunk22pw DankTanks bong load to celebrate 10,000 hits on my profile page!!!
    2014-04-18 03:49:57 UTC
    MADD MAXX The other Banana Foster.....
    2014-04-18 03:48:08 UTC
    MADD MAXX Later than usual supper done. Now time to put the fire to a bowl of Banana Foster.....
    2014-04-18 03:46:44 UTC
    tylerdurdin Smokin that venom in the OC.
    2014-04-18 03:39:38 UTC
    Mars94 Protected by the mother. I love her hair.
    2014-04-18 03:36:32 UTC
    Lori L. Harris Some Blue Power
    2014-04-18 03:32:08 UTC
    ZenMasterKush Good ol "Willy C ..
    2014-04-18 03:24:08 UTC
    ShatterIsland Gods gift more purple than Barney's dick
    2014-04-18 03:23:48 UTC
    WillCsbd MasterYoda,OG Clinic,Vista *****5 Star.Staff are aces.Oh yeah,put your name in for the free 1/8 raffle.Win, I did.End of story.
    2014-04-18 02:59:57 UTC
    SickLyricz About to roll up some Black Lotus OG
    2014-04-18 02:58:52 UTC
    ganjagodess Woke up to a wonderful surprise! My love picked up some Cindy for me!!! My 2nd favorite strain ever! Toke!
    2014-04-18 02:55:46 UTC
    Mikeyru Blue dream
    2014-04-18 02:53:48 UTC
    Lori L. Harris Blue Power! Whew!
    2014-04-18 02:47:15 UTC


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