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    What are you smoking?

    kizzy Sour Diesel Black Label Bhang stick
    2015-09-05 01:08:24 UTC
    EvilMark666 Glass Slipper
    2015-09-05 00:53:15 UTC
    MisterMORRISON there ya are.....gonna smoke some Exorcist
    2015-09-04 23:09:44 UTC
    MisterMORRISON where's WAYS?
    2015-09-04 23:08:32 UTC
    Mars94 Emerald Ape x True OG blunt. True Ape? True Emerald? Emerald True Ape?
    2015-09-04 23:01:57 UTC
    Mars94 Just another pic of the Emerald Ape. Smell makes you want to chew it up!
    2015-09-04 22:45:00 UTC
    Mars94 Mixing the lovely Emerald Ape with some True OG. Happy birthday to Always Blue!
    2015-09-04 22:41:25 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 autodabbing my way through a mountain trail with my dogs.
    2015-09-04 22:01:10 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 autodabbing my way through a mountain trail with my dogs.
    2015-09-04 22:01:10 UTC
    Ceezykush1 How do I post my weed for sale on here
    2015-09-04 20:26:34 UTC
    Ceezykush1 how do you post your weed on here for sale
    2015-09-04 20:25:02 UTC
    Weedonme Super lemon haze
    2015-09-04 19:35:16 UTC
    Mars94 True OG in a blue white owl for breakfast. Happy Fried Day!
    2015-09-04 18:19:33 UTC
    Israfel same dabs different glass... enjoying the day off. cheers!
    2015-09-04 17:15:17 UTC
    FattFang Keebler Cookies and Bazooka Joe Bubblegum for a sunny Friday morning smile...hello weedmaps people!
    2015-09-04 17:01:50 UTC
    bobaloo A little nug found on the floor...tastes like Durban, whatever it is, it's working...wishing y'all a great, happy and HIGH weekend...
    2015-09-04 15:42:11 UTC
    CoeusPrime Also for users of GLMS, here is the interesting Locomotive Breath pheno....very different from anything else I have..
    2015-09-04 15:39:14 UTC
    CoeusPrime Chores done, off to watch Minions and more Mojo. Here is a happy bud room...the smell is amazing. Ask my neighbors.
    2015-09-04 15:38:00 UTC
    kizzy Breaking into the last of the Tahoe og. Have a wonderfully high n safe weekend mappers
    2015-09-04 14:35:02 UTC
    highcountrygal Morning to all! Dabs n dabs n pineapple kush n Sour Jack n coffee on an excellent day. Today starts a new day! Enjoy it all:)
    2015-09-04 14:25:10 UTC


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