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    What are you smoking?

    valleyguy88 Vaping some AK 47. Have a relaxing evening!
    2015-09-04 03:41:58 UTC
    Mars94 And True OG of course. Stay lifted my friends!
    2015-09-04 03:21:15 UTC
    Mars94 About to try this Emerald Ape. =}
    2015-09-04 03:16:56 UTC
    Israfel dabs
    2015-09-04 03:13:33 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hope all are sufficiently medicated! Toking on a blend of many strains from my Salad Jar....
    2015-09-04 03:10:09 UTC
    JustJoeKing Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. I think i will go with the monster cookies tonight... i may throw some bubble hash in the mix as well.
    2015-09-04 02:39:42 UTC
    jasoncarter420 Sour diesel......HMU .....(657) 214-0681
    2015-09-04 01:40:28 UTC
    Prey2387 blue cheese
    2015-09-04 00:43:23 UTC
    Royota rilla
    2015-09-04 00:40:23 UTC
    Lestat0311 Bhang Private Reserve Sour OG Loaded in the Tube, Shot, Over.
    2015-09-04 00:29:49 UTC
    RedDodge Enjoying some Blackberry Kush I just picked up.. Adding kief.
    2015-09-03 23:43:46 UTC
    49Buds Herojuana take me away!
    2015-09-03 23:29:25 UTC
    kizzy "Gloria Glue" dabs n some mostly meaningless pre season football, but it's still FOOTBALL. Have a great night everyone
    2015-09-03 23:25:41 UTC
    kizzy So I'm looking at some of my waxes n noticed, either someone misspelled or I got a brand new strain "Gloria Glue" lolz
    2015-09-03 23:21:42 UTC
    mmollzz Super Green Peace and some Mystery Kief gonna smoke it all up for some Super Relief!
    2015-09-03 23:10:01 UTC
    Kronoisseur Natures Lab's Kush Co. OG X Blue Dream Shatter and Prime's DNA Strawberry Tangie Banana Wax.
    2015-09-03 23:03:07 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Blueberry Melonomenon... dabs! Flying Super High Today! Have a great 4:20 Mappers!
    2015-09-03 22:51:37 UTC
    MADD MAXX A bit of this Blue Nightmare in the bowl. Cheers All & Stay Medicated!
    2015-09-03 22:41:05 UTC
    Master Stillness Something amazing. Higher than a thumbtack on a flyer of Reba McEntire in the hood, it's all good..
    2015-09-03 22:39:34 UTC
    Mt420man Vanilla Sky - The last of it - will miss it once in a while.
    2015-09-03 22:30:33 UTC


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