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    What are you smoking?

    Flashback Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City -
    2015-05-29 02:04:53 UTC
    trinakat two free prerolls (: ftp! some waxy wax :b and some pres. og (;
    2015-05-29 01:05:35 UTC
    meechcali purp ,nd cookies
    2015-05-29 00:52:59 UTC
    Torn Fire OG and it is going very well.
    2015-05-29 00:38:41 UTC
    Flashback Revolution Blues - Cowboys On Dope -
    2015-05-29 00:10:00 UTC
    CoeusPrime Happy 4:20 from Las Vegas kids! Bangin' on the Bukket with hg GSC and bubble hash made from same..
    2015-05-28 23:09:20 UTC
    Master Stillness Tangerine Dream; Listening to the listener
    2015-05-28 22:51:32 UTC
    ffourtwentysmoke Smoking Forum GSC from Zen Garden
    2015-05-28 22:14:07 UTC
    RonWitek Girl Scout Cookies
    2015-05-28 22:03:43 UTC
    Nickatnight Freshly made Kief in the Reload II, Cheers!
    2015-05-28 21:09:35 UTC
    MADD MAXX Sparking a fat joint of Gorilla Glue. Have a fine Thursday WeedHeads!
    2015-05-28 20:57:25 UTC
    FattFang Keebler Cookies pre-roll, Bazooka Joe Bubblegum, Kiva Chocolate edible before the San Andreas movie
    2015-05-28 20:51:05 UTC
    Tombot92 Good ol Girls Scout Cookies! Bout to hit up one of my favorite spots. Shouts out to Cali!
    2015-05-28 19:58:40 UTC
    BlazedAlwayz420 King Kong Kush. Down to my last bowl but for some reson that's when I get the highest.
    2015-05-28 19:51:50 UTC
    Mr. 100 Percent Vaping on the last of diary queen til friday!!!! ugh
    2015-05-28 19:04:48 UTC
    skunk22pw smoking on a dream....... got to re up pretty a great one buds!
    2015-05-28 18:40:11 UTC
    CoeusPrime Listening to Geo. Thorogood and chopping frozen trim...
    2015-05-28 18:24:59 UTC
    FattFang All Star Cookies and coffee for a late a.m. Thursday starter
    2015-05-28 18:07:54 UTC
    CoeusPrime OK folks I just came across the penultimate evolution of the power-hitter. Will post pics after hash making...when I can figure out how.
    2015-05-28 17:58:33 UTC
    OrganicMaryJ Organic Jack Cheddar. Love feeling wonderful with JC!
    2015-05-28 17:23:44 UTC


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